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Man Basket Rental 

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Man Basket Rental

Renting quality lifting equipment can be difficult to track down and vet. Tway Lifting has been in business for decades, building the trust you need to feel comfortable and confident with safely lifting your staff up in the air. Companies big and small, from all around the USA, trust in Tway Lifting every day to help them complete the projects they need for success.

Our contribution to SAFETY is in securing the QUALITY and RELIABILITY of our ‘SUPERCAGE’ products, which are used in Mining, On-Shore and Off-Shore Mineral Exploration, General Maintenance, Cellular Communication and the Construction Industries.


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man basket rental

Suspended Personal Platforms

Suspended Personnel Platforms or Man Baskets are employed everywhere that out of reach work must be performed in a safe manner. Normally, Man Baskets are suspended from a certified crane and hoisted to the work area. These baskets have a 2 man rating of 900 pounds including work pieces, tools and equipment. Every unit ships with a 5 leg wire rope bridle, tie-off lugs, certification documents and the OSHA required test weight. Rental rates are by the day, week and month. New units are also available for outright purchase.

Each ‘SUPERCAGE’ product is proof tested to two times the safe working load. Tests to destruction ensuring a 5:1 factor of safety are employed throughout the design, development, and manufacturing process of the products. Local delivery or pick up is available in the Indianapolis area. We also offer shipping to your project location by common carrier to any of the lower 48 States.

We have plenty of man baskets readily in stock to ship anywhere throughout the USA. Don’t wait, call us today and let us help!

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Man Basket Rental Process

Renting equipment from Tway Lifting Products is as simple as a toll free phone call. Our trained, qualified riggers will assess your needs and offer sensible solutions that fit your timeline and budget.

As a leader in rigging equipment, we’re excited to work you and your team!

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We offer Emergency Service and custom sling fabrication at standard rates.

Rentals may be Daily, Weekly, or Monthly at a discounted rate.

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