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Tway Lifting Products

Founded by Joseph R. Tway in 1945, Tway Lifting Products is a full service rigging manufacturer and distributor of lifting and handling equipment, wire rope, construction and mill supplies. The markets we serve are Construction, Mining, Automotive, Utility Infrastructure and Steel Production. Our Manufactured Goods are sold through brick and mortar dealers and online retailers across the country. The Company also operates a Heavy Rigging Rental Equipment division from the Oliver Avenue Shop. The Board is chaired by Peter Hansen the third generation Chief Executive Officer.

Tway Lifting Products has a reputation of friendly intelligent service, honesty and reliability going back to 1945. We are Indiana’s premier rigging loft and material handling equipment service center. We are centrally located in downtown Indianapolis.

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More Than 70 Years

Tway Lifting Products is the areas oldest rigging house with the largest inventory of fiber ropes, wire ropes, shackles, turnbuckles, eye bolts, blocks, chains, tie-downs, binders, web slings, pipe lifters, and wire rope slings in stock. We carry a full line of parts and offer emergency and evening availability at standard rates.

We are proud to be an equipment supplier for both the Indianapolis Colts Lucas Oil Stadium and the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. With a combined value of nearly 2 billion dollars these state of the art facilities were the largest built in recent history. Tway Lifting Products was chosen to deliver specially manufactured wire rope and fittings on a tight schedule, under budget and on time. Our performance has earned us an excellent reputation in the football stadium, motor speedway, and entertainment industries.


Certified, Tested, & Approved

70 years old, Tway Lifting Products has recently achieved ISO9001-2008 certification. This accomplishment positions Tway as the only ISO certified rigging equipment manufacturer in the region. In September we produced our first 2 inch diameter Wire Rope Sling with an ultimate strength of 370,000 pounds. Wire Rope Slings have been used in manufacturing and construction to lift machinery and building products as well as in steel mill operations for over a century.

Providing the highest quality product of this size required Tway Lifting Products to make significant investments in personnel, capital equipment and training at their Indianapolis, Indiana location. The 24,000 foot plant manufactures Certified Lifting Equipment from USA-Made raw materials by The Crosby Group, Wireco, Loos & Co., Bridon and Bethlehem Wire Rope.

Get To Know Our Team

Stan Deal

Vice President

Stan has been with Tway Lifting Products since 1978. With an Accounting degree from Anderson University, Mr. Deal fit nicely into our front office before moving to outside sales. As a Qualified Rigger, Stan understands the day to day challenges that our customers face, and he offers proven and time-tested solutions to our mining, automotive and heavy manufacturing clients. As Treasurer and Vice President of Tway Lifting Products, Stan collaborates with the CEO to strategically position the company for growth. He also sits on our Board of Directors.

While at Tway, Stan has been able to see some of the projects first hand. After our completion of the Super Bowl project, he was able to try out the zip line during the Super Bowl week. In his spare time, he enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and hunting.

Mark ``Marty`` England

Warehouse Manager

Mark England serves as Warehouse Manager for Tway Lifting Products. His duties include shipping and receiving products, hoist and tool repair as well as general oversight of all stores operations. Mr. England is one of the longest standing employees here at Tway with over 39 years of experience. If you need to know what or where, Marty is the go-to guy and a Qualified Rigger too!

While not working, Mr. England enjoys riding his Harley, fishing and spending time with his family. Mr. England remembers all the good times he has had at Tway and can’t wait to make a few more memories.

Kim Garrett


Kim Garrett started here at Tway Lifting Products in 2006 as a Buyer. She is an essential component in the cash flow operations here at Tway. Her primary roles include purchasing, inside sales, pricing of the Tway products and expediting. She enjoys the challenge of having to build a knowledge base on our products and the chance to learn something new every day. Kim is a graduate of Northwood University and holds a Bachelor of Business Management degree. She is also a Qualified Rigger.

Mrs. Garrett loves animals and spends free time with her Dachshunds. She also enjoys cooking and working with home décor. Her favorite memory here at Tway was the work that we did with the Indianapolis Zoo and the orangutan exhibit.

Bill Green

Parts Delivery

Bill Greene has been with Tway Lifting Products since 2006. Mr. Greene works in parts delivery and enjoys building customer relationships with the personal attention he offers. When Tway was participating in the construction of Lucas Oil Stadium Bill was able to watch the build from the beginning to the end. He remembers seeing some of the world’s largest cranes unload product from his delivery truck.

As a delivery driver, Mr. Greene enjoys getting outside to deliver the products and see how they will help complete each project. He loves to travel and enjoys spending time with his family. Watching sports is a big hobby of his.

Larry ``Shorty`` Harshman

Delivery Technician

Larry Harshman has been a delivery driver for Tway Lifting Company since 2008. He is in charge of the provision of products to customers. Mr. Harshman thinks the most exciting experience he has had at Tway is the work he has done with the team. “I enjoy working with good people.” Larry served in the Indiana National Guard before starting a career at Union Carbide/Puritan Bennett in Indianapolis.

A key reason of why Mr. Harshman likes working for Tway is that he finds his job to have no stress. In his free time, he enjoys woodworking and camping. He also enjoys attending classic car shows.

Brian Guy

Fabricated Products Manager

Brian Guy has been a part of the Tway lifting Products family since 2002. In 2011, he took over as the Fabricated Products Manager and now runs the entire department. Some of his responsibilities include chain welding and inspection, coordinating with his staff and the front office to keep orders on track, build and maintain equipment, synthetic rope splicing, inspection, and repair. Mr. Guy is a Certified Welder and a card caring, Qualified Rigger.

Mr. Guy has had the opportunity to work on many projects during his time with Tway, but he specifically remembers working with the Indianapolis Zoo during exhibit construction and helps maintain the dolphin and orangutan exhibits. In his free time, Mr. Guy enjoys building things and Raising Japanese Koi.

Peter Hansen

President & CEO

Peter Hansen has been a part of the Tway Lifting Products family for 34 years. In 1995, he took over the position of President and CEO. He has enjoyed watching his team interact with customers and build relationships that last generations. As a Qualified Rigger, Mr. Hansen has been involved in many high-profile civil projects that have taken him across the country.

Mr. Hansen personally oversees day-to-day operations, business development, and risk management. He enjoys working on his farm and restoring mobile power plants. Also, he has a passion for music (notably 70’s bands) and enjoys listening at any time.

Bill Warren

Wire Rope Specialist

Bill Warren started with Tway Lifting Products in 2013 after 40 years with Wire Rope Corp. of America. As an Inside Sales and Fabricated Products Specialist, Mr. Warren’s responsibilities include retail sales, fabricated products estimating and maintaining reseller relationships. Bill is instrumental in the utilization of our capital assets and fully understands our capabilities as we target increased market share.

Bill enjoys working with other team members and the chance to help customers determine what kind of rigging equipment would be best suited to their needs. He enjoys working with various aquariums while also traveling and gardening.

Dawn Judd

Outside Sales

Dawn Judd began her career with Tway Lifting Products as our Controller in 1997. She lead activities in Accounting, financial reporting, Tax Preparation, human resources, retail sales and was the Front Office Manager. Mrs. Judd holds a Bachelor of Business Management degree from Northwood University and also serves on the Board of Directors. She too is a Qualified Rigger, who understands that lift conditions that can get tricky outside of the classroom. After 19 years Dawn has transitioned to Outside Sales. With excellent people skills and a full understanding of our business Dawn is a qualified solutions provider and accepted salesperson.

Dawn enjoys the ability to be involved in many varying tasks while working in a family type atmosphere. One of her favorite projects was working on the giant Zipline that was a part of Super Bowl 46 in downtown Indianapolis. Outside of work, she likes to go boating and to read.

Matt Martin

Chief Quality Officer

Matt Martin has been with Tway Lifting Products since 2003. Hired on as our Buyer, Matt serves as General Manager and Chief Quality Officer. His responsibilities include quality control, ISO9001 compliance and the day to day operation of the business. Matt earned his MBA from Butler University and is a Purdue Alumni. He is a Qualified Rigger and serves on the Board of Directors.

Matt enjoys the interactions he has with his co-workers and customers every day as well as being able to see the variety of projects the company works on. Outside of work Matt likes spending time with his family and friends. He is an avid sports fan and watches whenever he gets the chance.

Jared Melvin


Jared Melvin joined Tway Lifting Company in 2012 as an Assistant Controller. Since then he has been in the position to help with Accounts Payable, Human Resources, payroll, expense reports, sales analysis, inspection reports, accounts updates, inventory maintenance, and bookkeeping. Mr. Melvin is a graduate of Anderson University with Finance and is a Qualified Rigger.

Mr. Melvin has enjoyed his time here at Tway. He is proud to be able to drive down the streets in Indianapolis and see the equipment that our team has provided to construction companies around the state. One project in particular that he is proud of is the reconstruction of the East St. Bridge. “It is gratifying knowing that you helped contribute to the daily construction of something that you drive every day.” On his free time, Mr. Melvin enjoys watching the Indianapolis Colts play and supporting local breweries

Albert West

Entertainment Rigging

Albert West heads up our Entertainment Products sector. From design to sales, Mr. West is our expert in this product line. His work in venues with Legacy Performers spans nearly 3 decades. Albert possesses the career knowledge and practical application of safe, reliable rigging in some of the finest arenas and theatres in the Western World and Europe.

Albert is a Rigger Journeyman Member of IATSE Local 30, Indianapolis. In his off time Albert enjoys his grandchildren, some Harley therapy and continues to Gig weekends as well as serving as Production Manager on Bad Company’s 2016 tour.

Tristan Ogden

Fabricated Products Technician

Tristan started working with Tway Lifting Products in 2012. He works as a Rigging Fabricator where he has a hands-on opportunity to assemble the products and make a final cable or synthetic sling. He finds value in his work because the products he works on make people safe in their work environments across the globe.

His most memorable part of working at Tway was the chance to help in the fabrication of the Indianapolis Zoo ropes. During his free time, he enjoys cooking, being in the woods, and some Jeep Therapy.

Jess Rousu

Fabrication Technician

Jess Rousu has been with Tway Lifting Products since 2012. He works as a rigger in fabrication where his responsibilities include rope assembly and splicing. Mr. Rousu is a Qualified Rigger who enjoys the many different projects he has the chance to work on, but one stands out in his mind, and that is when he had the opportunity to build a whoopie sling.

While at Tway, Mr. Rousu enjoys the chance to make a large variety of high-quality products. When not making equipment here at Tway, he finds time to hunt and collect arrowheads. He also enjoys playing disc golf and playing poker with friends.

Pam Shanafelt

Accounts Receivable

Pam Shanafelt became a part of the Tway Lifting Products Family in 2001. She works as an Accounts Receivable Specialist where she handles Billing and Collections, inside sales and customer service. As a customer service representative, she enjoys the chance to interact with all our customers whether it is in shop sales or larger scale projects. Pam also manages the compliance and load test certification assets in our online customer document repository. Pam came to us after several years with The United Way of Central Indiana and anchors the showroom team.

As an initial contact with customers in many cases, Mrs. Shanafelt can learn about the customer projects first hand. While spending time away from work she likes to stay home with her husband and their animals and occasionally feed birds.

John Serna

In House Sales

John Serna started his position at Tway Lifting Products as a clerical worker in 2007. With a background in parts department organization, John (a Qualified Rigger also) plays a key role in Central Stores management. With any mid-size business, there are some folks who wear several hats and John is that guy. His duties include Showroom stocking, retail sales and customer account service.

Mr. Serna finds great pride in the fact that he can drive through the streets of Indianapolis and still see our customers using the products that Tway had provided them to complete their individual projects. In his free time, he enjoys reading and traveling for the weekends

Kenny Shanafelt

Inside Sales & Customer Service

Ken Shanafelt began his career with Tway Lifting Products in 1988 as an inside salesman and product expediter. It did not take long for Mr. Shanafelt to show his value to the organization and in 1998 he was moved to outside sales where he has flourished. As a large account service and training co-coordinator Kenny spent much of his time with Municipalities and Mining operations and with the Utility Sector of our business. Yes, he too is a Qualified Rigger. In 2016 Ken returned to the front of the house where he serves as co-anchor and consultant to the sales team.

In Ken’s off time, he enjoys keeping up around his lake and spending time with his granddaughter.

Sara Hagarty

Staff Accountant

Sara Hagarty is the most recent addition to our organization. Sara comes to us with 12 years of experience in Construction Accounting and Human Resources. Sara is dual Degreed with an MBA in Accounting from Strayer University and a BA in Business Information Systems from Indiana Wesleyan University. We are pleased to have Sara spearheading our financial concerns Tax matters and overall accounting.

Sara enjoys spending her extra time with her daughter. They like going to concerts, renaissance faires and local Cosplay events.

Jess Kaufman

Outside Sales

Jess Kaufman is our newest member of the Outside Sales Team. Jess comes to Tway Lifting Products with 20 years of experience in the Crane and Hoist Service sector as well as several years of Industrial manufacturing. We are very pleased to have his knowledge of overhead crane operation and maintenance combined with plant lifting safety to add to our expertise in the Lifting and Rigging business.

Jess also enjoys craft brewing, bass fishing and camping with his kids.
Mr. Serna finds great pride in the fact that he can drive through the streets of Indianapolis and still see our customers using the products that Tway had provided them to complete their individual projects. In his free time, he enjoys reading and traveling for the weekends

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