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Our rigging products are second to none and have been a staple in the mid-west lifting industry for more than 70 years. Learn more below.



We offer a wide variety of fittings for all of your below the hook needs. With shackles, hooks, pipe dicks and tea cups, we have what you’re looking for.

  • Hooks
  • Shackles
  • Turnbuckles
  • Eye Bolts
  • Clips
  • Wedge Sockets




Assembled Chain Slings

Rugged, versatile, high strength, low weight chain manufactured from a special analysis alloy steel. Peer-Alloy has a comparatively high carbon content as well as containing various other alloying elements. The chain is quenched and tempered before the proof testing. The ultimate tensile strength of alloy chain is over twice that of ordinary steel chain. The chain is marked to identify grade and manufacturer. These are the only chains recommended for use in over-head lifting applications. Minimum elongation at break test 20%. Tensile strength following heat treatment meets or exceeds all existing OHSA, government, NACM and ASTM specification requirements. Regularly supplied in Black Protective Finish. Also available in Silver Shield, a cold zinc process equal in protection to hot dip galvanizing.

Welded Chain Slings

We are among a select group of distributors in the United States that are trusted by the chain companies to perform welding of new and reconditioned alloy steel chains. To facilitate this achievement The Peerless Chain Company has made significant equipment investments in our Indianapolis operation. This partnership withPeerless Chain allows The Tway Company to best serve our construction and industrial customers located in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and the Southeast.

With inventory on hand and testing equipment in house we service most chain types from 9/32” through 1” the same day if required. Our quality products and professional people have made us the area leader in rigging equipment and contractor supplies for over 62 years. Ask any rigger and he will tell you “If you want the Good Stuff, go to Tway”


Cargo Products

  • Transport Chain
  • Chain Binders
  • Synthetic Tie-downs


synthetics for sale

Synthetic Slings

Made from bulked nylon fibers, the double wall Tufhide jacket offers better abrasion resistance for our larger capacity Tuflex (EN360 and larger). In addition, Tufhide reduces the heat buildup that can damage other high capacity roundslings when used in a choker hitch.

Synthetic Round Slings promote safety and light weight reduces fatigue and strain. Synthetic materials provide a soft cover that won’t cut hands or scratch load surface. Consistent matched lengths provide better control. There is no loss of strength from abrasion to cover jacket. They have a low stretch rate (about 3% at rated capacity). These slings easily conform to the shape of the load to grip securely. The load bearing yarns are protected from UV damage by a double wall cover for greater sling life. No sewn edges to rupture prematurely.  Red striped core provide added warning. Capacity information easily identified by the color of the sling.



Fall Protection

Fall protection equipment is an important part of your overall safety plan, we carry a full line of harnesses, lanyards, retractables, and confined space equipment that are all OSHA compliant.

We have a “Competant Person” on staff to assist you with all of your fall protection needs.

Fall Protection


CM Lodestar Electric Hoists

We carry CM Lodestar and CM Lodestar XL electric chain hoists in a range of 2 to 7.5 tons with maximum lifting speed of 30 feet per minute. These come with standard overload protector, thermally protected motor, heavy-duty multiple disc braking system, and gearing operated in oil bath for increased lifting life and quiet operation.

CM Cyclone Hand Chain Hoists

  • Most interchangeability of parts in the industry
  • Standard Load Limiter for simple, automatic overload protection
  • Enclosed contoured Weston-type automatic brake for positive load control
  • High-efficiency spur gearing for greater life with minimum effort
  • Rugged Hoistaloy chain for added strength and durability
  • Fully machined, forged liftwheel pockets for easier lifting and smooth free chaining
  • High-strength aluminum alloy castings in frame and covers
  • Standard hand chain drop is 2 feet less than lift, (example: 8 foot lift hoist has 6 foot hand chain drop)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in U.S.A.

Tractel Tralift Hoists

Extra lightweight and compact. They are manufactured from high quality materials incorporating a double spur gear mechanism, automatic brake and double pawl system with the option of a load limited device and fitted with grade 80 link chain. TRALIFT manual chain hoists are robust, reliable and safe. They are designed to operate from a fixed anchor point or with a traveling trolley which can be manually traversed or mechanically operated. Available ½ – 5t

Lincoln Hoist Products

We proudly sell Lincoln Hoist products. 100% Made in USA.

Capacities – rated loads of 750 pounds to 3,000 pounds single line; 1,500 pounds to 6,000 pounds double line.

Open Frame Design – allow for daily inspection and cleaning of your cable ratchet lever hoist.

360° Swivel Hooks – drop forged steel hooks with latches are standard on Lincoln Hoist ratchet lever hoists.

Swaged Ball Shank Terminal – locks the cable in the drum of the cable come-along and allows for full cable extension.

Reversible Handle – will bend at an average of 20-50% overload, warning operator to back off of the load before serious injury or damage to the operator or hoist can occur.

Double Locking Pawl System – allows for no load brakes to slip or fowl on the cable ratchet lever hoist.

Positive load holding in ALL environments.

Hoist Rental
hand chain hoist for sale

Lever Tools

Tough aluminum alloy construction and powder coat finish. Weather proof for outdoor service, simple construction with fewer parts for ease of maintenance and lower inventories. Hoist alloy hardened steel link type load chain for strength, long wear life and flexibility. Weatherized Weston-type automatic braking system for positive load control. Easy, one-hand operation and control – only 58 pounds of pull required for ¾ ton model capacity. Forged upper and lower hooks with latches standard. Free wheeling protection device stops transmission of lever forces protecting against dangerous overload. Optional anchor sling simplifies attachment to allow anchor hook to swivel in tight space applications (3/4 and 1 ½ ton units only). Optional Load Sentry warns of overload condition. Optional shorter level for ¾ and 1 ½ ton units available. Optional zinc-plated chain available. Unlimited lift. Lifetime warranty. Metric rated. Made in U.S.A.

Lever Tools


Eye & Eye Wire Rope Slings
Gold Seal Slings

Wire Rope Slings

Tway Lifting Products manufactures wire rope slings, spreaders and assemblies from 1/4″ – 2″ We stock fittings and components that allow us to produce a full range of wire rope slings multi leg bridles, crane boom support cables, and bridge crane hoist ropes. Our in house proof testing center is used to verify the integrity of the products we manufacture. Every wire rope sling or bridle that we produce includes an OSHA appropriate DuraTag stating: size, working load, number of legs, and angle chart graphics. Our assemblies are manufactured to the highest standards by trained personell, all from USA made products. Remember, a lifting product is only as good as the tag it carries.

Gold Standard Slings

When you buy, Specify: Gold Standard Slings!

Gold Standard Slings provide your assurance of the highest quality, precision swaging tolerance, and matched length every time. Gold standard slings are manufactured exclusively by Tway Lifting Products. Every swage fitting is painted gold as our final quality check. We recommend DURATAG sling tags. Gold Standard Slings are a pending Trademark of Tway Lifting Products.


Hand Tools

Hand Tools

We stock a variety of hand tools to help you get the job done. From prybars to sledgehammers to bull pins, if the job is tough, we’ve got the right tools for you.

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