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Learn why we’re the most trusted name in America for Entertainment Rigging Equipment Setup in Arenas & Venues

How did Tway get into entertainment arena rigging setups in large venues and arenas?

Local vendors have used Tway for installs and temporary setups for more than 15 years. Being a Broadway house theater technician at the Murat for 10 years, we did many installs and improvements to the theater. Tway has been the local answer for many years. From there, we branched out nationwide.

What makes Tway different in the arena rigging industry?

We have developed a streamlined, more efficient process to our arena rigging setups. Helping the customer with references and learning the safest ways to do things. We also focus heavy on having items in stock so that we’re ready at the drop of dime for customers hands. This allows us to get the job done right the first time.

What are the different entertainment & stage rigging equipment setups?

Rigging and arena rigging setups can be as little as sign hanging calls to full touring productions as well as ticketed events, private party’s, and trade shows.

We pride ourselves on having full knowledge of the gear you are using and knowing how to inspect and ensure safety for entertainment rigging at all times. This includes the use of shackles, wire ropes, stack chains, span sets slings, rigging motors cable power, etc. Each venue is different in how your rig can be installed. We are well versed in each of these possible venue setups which makes us one of the most dynamic entertainment venue rigging setup teams in the nation.

Our lead rigger is also the primary inspector at Tway Lifting and has extensive training from the Crosby Group and Rigging Institute.

What are some entertainment venue rigging setups Tway has completed?

We’ve completed many projects over the years, but our key projects include the Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts play, Bankers Life – Home of the Pacers, Ruoff Music Center, White River state Park, and the Murat Center Broadway Indianapolis. Get in touch with us to find out more about stage rigging equipment and get information regarding your arena rigging or entertainment rigging projects.

Some additional information on Albert West – lead entertainment rigging specialist at Tway.

Albert, our lead entertainment venue rigging specialist has been working in the music business since 1989 touring and working local when not on the road.

1990-1993 – Dolly Parton Rigger/ Stage Manager
1994 – Reba Mcintire Rigger
2015-present – Bad Company/Paul Rodgers/Free Production Manager

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