Rigging Products

Do you need to purchase or rent lifting equipment? Come to Tway Lifting. With our rigorous proof loading regimen, you’ll never need to worry about the quality or reliability of our equipment.

Quality products and a well trained staff have made Tway Lifting the leader in rigging equipment and contractor supplies for over 70 years. Our professionals build and test thousands of chains every year – and the most important one is always yours!

Proof Load Testing

At Tway Lifting, a hydraulic proof load test is performed on every sling chain as a final quality check of the entire assembly. Our proof load testing machinery is capable of applying a tensile load up to 220,000 lbs. This lifting equipment load testing assures you that every component meets the elasticity and ductility requirements mandated by ANSI and OSHA, which is critical.

For added assurance, every single alloy sling chain bears a unique serial number referenced on a Certificate of Test. This lists the chain type and working load, as well as the actual proof load the chain was subjected to after assembly.

Proof Load Testing Services

Are you overwhelmed with the proof loading requirements you need to perform and document? Wondering how you and your staff can properly manage proof load testing on top of all the other tasks that need your immediate attention? Here at Tway Lifting, we’re always happy to take that load off your hands.

If you’re looking for a highly reputable and experienced company to handle your proof loading needs so you can focus on your day-to-day responsibilities, we offer contract load testing services to manufacturers, engineers, and consumers of non-standard devices, structures, and fabrications.

We have extensive capabilities and experience in providing proof load tests for various types of lifting equipment, including overhead cranes, monorails, hoists, and more. Our proof load test for lifting equipment involves three main components:

  • Inspection prior to the actual proof load test to ensure the equipment can safely handle the load
  • Performance of proof load testing
  • A certificate issued upon successful completion of the proof load test for your records

Do you need to purchase or rent lifting equipment? Are you in need of proof loading services for your equipment? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to discuss your business needs and provide additional information. Contact us today for more information.