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Spreader Bar Rental

To better serve our heavy lifting accounts we offer Rental Spreader Bars, 2 through 100 tons, up to 40 feet in length. Our Modulift system allows us to configure the exact spreader bar lengths and capacities to suit your requirements. We also carry telescopic adjustable length spreader bars up to 30,000 lbs. Every spreader bar comes complete with the correct upper sling, top and bottom safety shackles and hardware.

We specialize in man basket rental, shackle rental, hoist rental, sling and load cell rental. Our competitive rates are based on Daily, Weekly and Monthly rentals. As with all of the products we sell, local delivery and pick up are always free. Please call for additional information about our spreader bar rentals and spreader bar rigging options. 

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What are Spreader Beams used for?

Spreader Beams are routinely used to lift large loads that may be difficult to balance or loads that are subject to crushing when lifted with slings. Often times a spreader bar is utilized below the crane hook to push the slings outward from the center line of the load. An example of this technique would be where a 20 foot long crate needs to be hoisted with a crane. One sling centered on the crate will make the lift very difficult to control. A solution might be to use two slings attached to a 10 foot long spreader beam thereby equally distributing the weight of the crate across a longer span.

Often times a machine will have lifting lugs around it’s perimeter that are intended to be rigged from a spreader beam. This spread prevents crushing the machine and insures that safe sling angles are maintained at the lifting lug points. Tway Lifting Products carries Spreader Beams in several styles that may be configured to meet the most common requirements found in construction lifting. With rated capacities from 2 tons thru 100 tons, we offer a full range of rental lifters and purchase options.

To complement our Spreader Beam inventory, Tway Lifting Products also furnishes large capacity wire rope and synthetic slings up to 40 foot in length. We carry girder lifting clamps thru 35 tons, concrete barrier tongs, hand operated chain hoists up to 10 tons and rolling blocks used for concrete precast erection.

Spreader Beam Rental Process

Renting equipment from Tway Lifting Products is as simple as a toll free phone call. Our trained, qualified riggers will assess your needs and offer sensible solutions that fit your timeline and budget.

We ship rental equipment across the United States for emergency service as well as for long term projects requiring multiple units with a variety of rigging devices.

Whether you are placing bridge girders or installing reactors in a refinery, Tway Lifting Products has the correct rental equipment for the job. Proof test certificates are available upon request for any rigging device in our inventory. We also carry many other vital lifting products including Crosby shackles, lifting hooks, and more!

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