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Since 1945, Tway Lifting Products has partnered with The Crosby Group to provide top of the line products to our customers. Crosby is headquartered in Tulsa Oklahoma and manufacturers drop forged rigging fittings, crane blocks, wire rope sheaves and is the industry standard that the Federal Specifications reference in many instances. Mr. Tway was pleased to develop this relationship based on the range of the product line, the high-quality products, and an unmatched reputation for customer service.


Tway Lifting Products has offered Lift-All synthetic slings as our primary web sling provider for more than 40 years. It is a partnership that has been a tremendous success for both parties and only continues to grow. Our customers have been very satisfied with the Lift-All quality, workmanship and their ability to produce large custom orders without compromise.

Columbus McKinnon

For over 70 years, Tway Lifting Products has partnered with Columbus McKinnon to offer the finest hoists and level tools available anywhere. Columbus McKinnon is known for manufacturing high-quality hoist products that provide the best possible user experience. This level of quality aligns with what we work towards every day here at Tway.

Peerless Chain/Acco

A full-service rigging shop will carry chain and chain slings. Tway Lifting Products is proud to have been a stocking distributor of Acco chain and fittings for nearly three-quarters of a century. We are also among a select group of authorized Acco Chain and Lifting; now Peerless Chain Company welded sling chain service centers.

Lincoln Hoist

Since 1949, the cable ratchet hoist has been a trusted “must have” in the mechanical contractor’s toolbox. Lincoln Precision Machining Company has produced over 2 million of these double ratchet pawl Cable Come-Alongs in North Grafton Massachusetts, and Tway Lifting products has sold thousands of them since 1953.


Wire rope has been in our blood four generations now, and we are very proud of that heritage. Joseph R. Tway sold wire rope for The MacWhyte Company from the mid 20’s thru the early 40’s. Tway Lifting Products has moved tens of millions of feet of rope since we opened the doors in 1945 and much of that had the MacWhyte brand. In the mid 80’s the MacWhyte Company was rolled into Wire Rope Corporation of America, now Wireco World Group. We have maintained the strong ties with Wireco over the years and continue to promote the strength, durability and dealer support of the Wireco/Union brand.


Not all innovations can make a permanent mark on an industry, Grabiq is an exception to the rule. For nearly 30 years, the Grabiq system has changed the way chain slings are assembled and used in America. This Swedish system of specialized components and attachments offers a new perspective on couplers, adjustable master links and hooks with increased strength and function. We are proud to offer this innovative solution and back it up with complimentary proof load testing and certification on all chains we assemble.


Tway Lifting Products affiliation with Tractel/Griphoist began in the early 60’s with the building of parking decks in the Indianapolis area. In 1983 when the Hoosier Dome was constructed in Indianapolis, Tractel hoists were used by Birdair Structures to stretch the dome roof skin into place. Tractel Griphoists were again used to pull the Moveable Wall into position when Uni-Systems Inc built that phase of Lucas Oil Stadium. The same Tractel hoists then traveled to Arlington Texas for construction work on The Cowboy’s Stadium. Tractel quality and workmanship has proven itself around United States, and Tway Lifting Products is honored to be their dealer.


Tway Lifting Products has relied on Actek Manufacturing and Engineering to supply high strength; load tested swivel hoist rings for nearly 20 years. This California-based company is well stocked and responsive to the needs of the construction and aerospace industries that we serve. Every product Actek manufactures ships with a 200% proof test certificate and conformance documentation.


The relationship between Tway Lifting Products and Caldwell began in the 1960’s when we started furnishing spreader beams and Adjust-a-Leg wire rope slings to contractors. The Caldwell Company offers many unique designs and types of overhead lifting equipment used on job sites and in plants across North America. Over the last half century, Caldwell has introduced a variety of patented lifting devices, and spreader beam designs both fixed length and adjustable.


Chicago Hardware and Fixture is one of the oldest suppliers of drop forged, galvanized eye bolts and turnbuckles that Tway Lifting Products provides. Located in Franklin Park Illinois, Chicago Hardware produces high quality, American-made hooks, swivels, eye nuts and other related wire rope fittings.

Johnson Block

Johnson Block, located in Tulsa Oklahoma designs and manufactures crane blocks, shackles and roller bearing swivels for construction cranes sold around the world. In the 1980s, a merger with Gunnebo brought wire rope hooks and special chain sling fittings to the product mix. Gunnebo-Johnson Corporation produces the GrabiQ grade 100 lifting system used in mills, mines and manufacturers all over the globe.


Muncy Industries has been our valued supplier of swage fittings for many years. In addition to a full line of sockets and threaded studs, Muncy, now with their acquisition of Newco Inc offers heavy duty thimbles, roll-off box hooks and sliding choker fittings.


Tway Lifting Products has manufactured lifting and rigging equipment for over 70 years. We specialize in wire rope slings, chain slings and custom engineered lifting assemblies used for general material handling and the safe placement of goods in many industries.

At Tway, we are focused on the satisfaction of our customers. In many circumstances, additional fittings are necessary to attach a sling to a load. We carry a variety of shackles, hooks and lifting eyes suitable for the proper connection of our products.

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