Professional Inspecting and Repairing Lifting Equipment

Your day is already full juggling many tasks. Things, like inspecting and repairing the lifting equipment in your facility, get pushed far down the list. Why not let an industrial rigging service like Tway Lifting keep you on OSHA’s good side?

Professional Rigging Inspection Services

You may think, “There are lots of companies who offer technical rigging inspection services,” and while you aren’t wrong, there aren’t many rigging services like Tway Lifting. For over 75 years we’ve provided quality rigging inspection services as a complimentary add-on to companies that have chosen us as their rigging and lifting partner.

Whether you need the OSHA-required annual inspection and reporting solution, or the job site safety inspection, be assured our trained specialists have extensive and competent field experience. Should the inspection turn up things that need to be repaired or replaced, we have you covered there as well. repaired or replaced, we have you covered there as well. As the ONLY Peerless/Acco Welded Sling Repair Center in the region, we have the resources to recondition and return chain slings in a day or two in most cases. Our wire rope sling fabrication department manufactures new slings and spreaders with same day service when required.

Inspection Specialists

Why not just handle your yearly lifting and rigging upkeep yourself? You already have a lot to do during your day. If you decide to let your number one employee inspect and report on your rigging and lifting equipment, it may seem like a great idea until the production output slows because your best person is busy doing the inspection and filling out paperwork.

OSHA’s minimum inspection requirements call for an annual inspection performed by competent person – and all members of the Tway Lifting Products Inspection team are certified, factory trained qualified riggers.

Some reasons we get called to do an inspection:

We tried to do it our self but the rigging broke. Now we have a production interruption and have to pay someone for their specialized rigging services.

We did an inspection, but now OSHA is inspecting our facility and we can’t find the paperwork. (With Tway you receive a detailed list of the rigging your company owns and running history of any problem areas.)

I didn’t think we needed to do an inspection. That is until my boss called me into his office to tell me about the OSHA fine.

Rest assured, every one of our technicians is highly qualified and performs inspections in alignment with OSHA standards. We provide this service free of charge to companies in Central Indiana and ask for a nominal trip fee outside of the area.

So there’s no reason to delay. Contact your Tway Rigging representative or submit an Inspection Services Inquiry to get started today.

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