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Chain Slings

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Lifting Slings

Chain slings are just one of the many types of slings on the market. During your search for the perfect sling to fulfill your lifting needs how can you be sure a sling made from wire rope, metal mesh, natural or synthetic fiber rope or synthetic web aren’t a better fit?

Advantages of a chain sling include:

DURABILITY – Any damage or defect means removing your sling from service. This slows down your operation, costing you money. We use special analysis alloy steel chain from Peerless Chain. This Made in the USA chain is quenched and tempered, giving it tensile strength over twice that of ordinary steel. The durability of our chain slings for lifting is furthered by hook attachments that can’t be changed.

SGG Chain Sling

RESILIANCY – A chain sling produced using grade 80 alloy steel can tolerate a broad range of temperatures. This means lifting slings made from alloy steel chain are ideal for tough environments like steel mills, foundries and machine shops. Their resiliency is coupled with the ease in which they can be repaired. A qualified professional can repair them, proof load test them and have them back in operation quickly.

FLEXIBILITY – Lifting needs vary greatly. Even your needs within the same operation can be wide ranging. This is where chain slings can shine. Need a 1 leg sling? We can do that. What about a 4 leg sling? We have you covered there as well. From SGG hooks to DOSH setups we can accommodate you on the hook attachment side as well. Whatever your needs, a chain sling can be created to match your specs.

PROTECTION – Is your exacting environment tough on your lifting slings? Chain slings provide the best protection against lifting materials that contain sharp edges. Aside from loads with sharp edges, a chain sling protects against general wear and tear much better than any other type of sling on the market.

Additional Benefits

Our manufacturing process is designed to give you confidence and keep you compliant.

Our chain slings are cut to length through high pressure hydraulic cold cutting. This method eliminates heat damage to adjoining links that can occur when a chain is cut to length using cutting torches. The lifting sling components are finalized by being powder coated and mechanically assembled, or welded.

Regardless of the assembly method each chain sling gets proof load tested on site. Any weakness of a component will become apparent during this phase. The finished chain slings rated capacity meets or exceeds overhead lifting safety standard set forth under the ASME B30.9 guidelines. Each assembly then receives a permanently affixed tag per OSHA regulations and is entered into our database where it stays until the sling is retired.

Bonus Inspection Services

If you couple your chain sling purchase with our free lifting chain inspection service we will inspect, repair and update your chains record in our database. Our system uses RFID technology to track your chain slings and produce historical reporting with ease.

Since Tway Lifting owns the entire process you start your day assured that your chain sling will meet not only your expectations, but OSHA’s as well.


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