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Lift-All® Tuflex EN90
Yellow Endless Round Slings

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Tuflex EN90 Yellow Endless Round Slings. Tuflex roundslings provide a better form of material handling. With an easy color coding system, the user can quickly determine the load capacity of a Tuflex roundsling. Working Load Limit of 8400 Lbs. Vertical


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Lift-All® Tuflex EN90 Yellow Endless Round Slings

Lift-All® Tuflex EN90 Yellow Endless Round Slings working load limits are identified by the various colors that they are offered in. A round sling is a continuous loop of yarn encased in a polyester dual wall tube that helps provide the best available protection.

Lift-All® Tuflex EN90 Yellow Endless Round Slings provide the safety you need while also saving you time and money. The double wall jacket offers a greater sling life and helps protect against load damage that some wire rope or chain may cause. However, much like the Web slings, round slings are a consumable and are going to be worn down through repeated use (A full list of inspection details can be found on the Lift-All website).

Tway offers a variety of Lift-All® Tuflex EN90 Yellow Endless Round Slings. We offer a range of hitch types that should never be used at a horizontal angle less than 30 degrees. Due to the strength and flexibility of the Tuflex round slings, the multitude of uses available makes this a very useful product.

Don’t know what type of hitch type to use? All Lift-All slings show the rated capacities for each hitch type as well as some possible warnings. TUFF-TAG™ provides an OSHA required capacity chart along with the material type. TUFF-TAG™ are proven to outlast the life of the sling.

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Also available in:
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3 ft., 6 ft., 12 ft.

Use & Care:
  • Before every load, thoroughly inspect the sling for any abrasions, cuts, or punctures
  • Always use wear pads to protect the sling from being cut by corners and edges
  • Never move slings along the ground or pull from under a load
  • Avoid any knots or ties on the sling
Potential Uses:
  • Moving large piping items from location to location
  • Relocation of stone, granite, marble and other building materials
  • Lifting Bundles of rebar and lumber
  • Moving finished machine parts


Tway Lifting Products has offered Lift-All synthetic slings as our primary web sling provider for more than 40 years. It is a partnership that has been a tremendous success for both parties and only continues to grow. Our customers have been very satisfied with the Lift-All quality, workmanship and their ability to produce large custom orders without compromise.

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