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Tway 3/8″
Sliding Choker Slings

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Tway 3/8″ Sliding Choker Sling with a sliding choker hook are the most commonly used wire rope slings in the pipe industry. The adjustable hook allows for a flexible hitch around the load.
Working Load Limit of 1.4 tons.


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Tway 3/8″ Sliding Choker Slings

The Sliding Choker sling is manufactured with a special hook that slides up and down the rope between the two eyes of the sling. This feature provides the person using this product to have an adjustable hitch around a load

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6 ft., 8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft., 14 ft., 16 ft.

The Flemish eye splice is fabricated by opening or un-laying the wire rope body into two parts. The first part will have three strands while the other will have the remaining three strands and the rope core. The wire rope is un-laid far enough back to allow the eye to be formed by looping both parts in opposite directions. Then the rope strands are rolled back around the body and secured by a metal sleeve that is slipped over the ends of the splice and pressed (swaged) to create the wire rope sling.


Tway Lifting Products has manufactured lifting and rigging equipment for over 70 years. We specialize in wire rope slings, chain slings and custom engineered lifting assemblies used for general material handling and the safe placement of goods in many industries.

At Tway, we are focused on the satisfaction of our customers. In many circumstances, additional fittings are necessary to attach a sling to a load. We carry a variety of shackles, hooks and lifting eyes suitable for the proper connection of our products.


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