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Tway Lifting Products has manufactured lifting and rigging equipment for over 70 years. We specialize in wire rope slings, chain slings and custom engineered lifting assemblies used for general material handling and the safe placement of goods in many industries.

Wire rope slings serve as a vital tool when lifting heavy objects such as rough castings, heavy, hot or irregular shaped metal or stone parts.
In many of the industries we do business with, long term durability and corrosion resistance is particularly significant. Industries like the aerospace, automotive and the pharmaceutical industry require only the best. Our welded alloy steel and stainless chain slings are used to provide the best possible securement and protection.

Synthetic web and round slings are most often considered for use where load surface protection is imperative. Several applications include the movement of lumber, pipe, finished masonry and machined aerospace components.
Here at Tway, we are focused on the satisfaction of our customers. In many circumstances, additional fittings are necessary to attach a sling to a load. We carry a variety of shackles, hooks and lifting eyes suitable for the proper connection of our products.

Watch as one of our specially trained wire rope fabricators works on a wire rope sling using the Flemish eye method. After performing the process, it is sealed with a half million pounds then load tested at 150% the working load limit of the sling. Then we finish the process by marking the sling with a gold color to show that our quality gold standard slings have met the industry standards.

To purchase one of our Gold Seal Wire Rope Slings, click here!

-Narration by Dave Dugan

In this video, we load test a 2 ¼ ” welded ladle chain. Designed to lift 85,000 pounds this chain is load tested to double the working load limit. We do this to ensure that this chain will not fail while lifting and pouring pots of liquid metal. This chain is a crucial part in the production of steel.

We offer proof testing in our shop for chains, wire rope slings, and other various products. For more information about pricing and availability, please send us an inquiry info@twaylifting.com

-Narration by Dave Dugan

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