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Crosby S3322B
Alloy Ball Bearing Swivel Hooks

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Crosby S3322B Alloy Ball Bearing Swivel Hook. Made to handle weight of load while rotating. Working Load Limit of 11-15 tons.


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Crosby S3322B Alloy Ball Bearing Swivel Hooks

Made with a unique anti-friction ball bearing swivel design, all S3322B Ball Bearing Swivel Hooks are manufactured to rotate freely under load. The specialized design features a forging process that provides the user with a product that has maximum strength with minimum product weight. It comes standard in the red powder coat paint. Design factor of 4.5:1

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11 T., 15 T.

Use & Care:
  • Quic-Check Features provides markings for deformation indicators and angle use markings
  • Always inspect the item before every load for deformation
  • Never use on load that are above the Working Load Limit of the given Swivel Hook
Features and Benefits:
  • Forged-Quenched and Tempered
  • Working Load Limits ranging from 2-15 tons
  • Designed to utilize the S-4320 integrated latch kit


Since 1945, Tway Lifting Products has partnered with The Crosby Group to provide top of the line products to our customers. Crosby is headquartered in Tulsa Oklahoma and manufacturers drop forged rigging fittings, crane blocks, wire rope sheaves and is the industry standard that the Federal Specifications reference in many instances. Mr. Tway was pleased to develop this relationship based on the range of the product line, the high-quality products, and an unmatched reputation for customer service.

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