How It’s Made: Shade Sail Cables

In this video we show you how we used Crosby WireLock and Crosby Spelter Sockets on 1 1/8″ Galvanized Cable to help create the Shade Sail Structure for the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art The project was designed by architect Jonathan Hess of Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf, who also designed the main […]

How It’s Made Wire Rope Slings

Watch as one of our specially trained wire rope fabricators works on a wire rope sling using the Flemish eye method. After performing the process, it is sealed with a half million pounds then load tested at 150% the working load limit of the sling. Then we finish the process by marking the sling with […]

Load Testing

In this video, we load test a 2 ¼ ” welded ladle chain. Designed to lift 85,000 pounds this chain is load tested to double the working load limit. We do this to ensure that this chain will not fail while lifting and pouring pots of liquid metal. This chain is a crucial part in […]