How to Use a Spreader Bar

Heavy lifting tasks are complicated and require careful planning with consideration for all forces that occur. Knowing when and how to use a spreader bar is essential in performing safe and effective tasks. Spreader bars help distribute the load evenly and play a crucial role in projects that require lifting and moving heavy loads. They […]

Spreader Bar For Cranes

A spreader bar is a device that assists with lifting heavy objects or loads. It is used adjacent to lifting machines such as cranes, and their role is to spread out the weight better to ensure a safe and effective carry. The spreader bar for cranes works by redistributing the forces that influence the lifts, […]

Lifting Beam vs Spreader Bar

To the untrained eye, the difference between a lifting beam vs spreader bar is subtle, but which one you choose can make a world of difference for your task. They are both below-the-hook lifting devices, usually working as part of a crane. They are both used for better distribution of weight when lifting heavy objects […]

What Is a Spreader Bar Used For?

A spreader bar is a priceless component for your project regarding heavy-duty lifting procedures and workplace safety. But what is a spreader bar used for? Read on as we explain its use and how it differs from a lifting beam, as well as provide you with some safety tips and practices to implement when operating […]